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Why Partner with Buxton & Associates?

  • We are ready to help you meet your human resources needs.
  • We know banking and bankers. Our assignments don't vary from industry to industry.
  • We seek candidates for your specific opening.
  • We can save you the time of going through an endless number of resumes of individuals who aren't remotely qualified for your position.
  • We will do all follow-up with candidates, both pre- and post-interview.
  • We will check the candidate's references and provide written documentation.
  • You don't spend your human resource dollars on advertising and long distance telephone expense.
  • We have a written guarantee that we stand behind.

Our Commitment to You

Since its inception in 1978, Buxton & Associates, Ltd. has maintained a philosophy that we can best serve by becoming an extension of your management team. Our continuing goal is to establish a climate of mutual trust and respect that enables us to gain a thorough understanding of your corporate philosophy, your people, your operations and your objectives.

We strive to build a lasting relationship one we earn based upon performance. We are professional consultants and represent our clients exclusively in the search process. We recognize that quality and timing are critical when seeking the right individuals for your personnel needs.

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