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Our Approach to Recruiting Bank Executives

1. Position Analysis

During a pre-search conference we discuss your organization's business, structure, and corporate objectives. Because we want to find candidates who meet your requirements and have the qualities you are looking for, we make sure that we understand your organization, your needs, your work environment, your specific candidate requirements, and the role the individual will play in your organization.

Most importantly, we want to understand the type of candidate who will fit the personality, human chemistry, and style of your organization.

2. Research

After criteria for candidate selection have been determined, we research a myriad of possible sources, beginning with a careful analysis of organizations in the key target areas. We may use our network of personal contacts throughout the country to develop leads on candidates.

3. Sourcing

Next we begin to contact sources and identify prospective candidates. Numerous prospects are screened, with perhaps half a dozen or fewer surviving the process. Contacts are handled with confidentiality to protect both your organization and the candidates.

4. Candidate Evaluation

Our professional training as in-depth appraisal interviewers, combined with our understanding of your requirements, enable us to objectively assess each candidate.

We consider vital issues relating to work experience and background, education, personality and managerial style, professional development and achievement, and compensation history and expectations. We candidly interpret your organization's work environment, and career opportunities to leading candidates.

5. Reference Checking

We carefully investigate and document each candidate, including references from managers who can verify previous position functions, accomplishments, and performance strengths and weaknesses.

6. Recruiting

We confidentially and sensitively communicate with you and the candidates during all phases of the search process. We present only those candidates who give evidence of a demonstrated record of accomplishment and the right background for the position to be filled.

We arrange interviews and coordinate travel schedules for the final candidates to meet with you, providing both you and each candidate with two-way feedback when the search reaches this critical stage.

7. Negotiation

Because each candidate has personal, professional, and compensation requirements, we help our clients structure a package that will be attractive, fair, and meet the candidate's special needs.

Because at this crucial stage good candidates can be lost without proper handling, we assist our clients during the negotiation process. We are skilled in overcoming counter offers.

8. Ongoing Follow-Up

After a candidate is employed, we follow up to ensure a smooth transition and satisfactory completion of the assignment. In order to establish a long-term relationship between the client and the newly employed executive, we want to uncover any issues that may need to be resolved right away.

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